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Bespoke Personal Training 

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Danny has trained and helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals. This includes pain relief, weight loss, muscle growth, improved cardiovascular health and improved motor connection. 

He specializes in HITT Style Functional Circuit Training. This is a combination of high endurance, strength, mobility and balance exercises.

He recently re located from New York City, having spent the last few years training at the competitive Crunch Fitness, as well as running his own company, Bespoke Personal Training NYC. Now based in Atlanta, Danny is bringing his valuable skill set of primal movement to HIIT based routines. Certified in Original Strength Reset primal movement, Danny specializes in functional personal training and reflexive strength. For his own exercise, Danny enjoys compound resistant workouts, HIIT workouts, various styles of dance, long distance running, and basketball. Outside of fitness, Danny is a professional performer, having received a Summa Cum Laude BFA degree in Music Theatre from Elon University. Danny is dedicated to the mastery of his craft, and the success of his clients, by working to improve their knowledge and efficiency of movement.



$600/10 sessions

$1200/20 sessions


Skype Session: $300/10 sessions

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